Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 10, 2010

December 10, 2010

Patricia Abbott, November, Georges Simenon
Paul Bishop, Atlanta Deathwatch, Ralph Dennis
Paul Brazill, The Man with the Iron Badge, Lee Goldberg
Bill Crider, As Tough as They Come, Will Oursler, editor
Scott Cupp, Body Politic, Paul Johnston
Martin Edwards, Big Business Murder, G.D. H. and M. Cole
Ed Gorman, Darker Than You Think, Jack Williamson
Gar Anthony Harwood, Fault Lines, Teri White
Jerry House, A Grave Matter, Lionell Purnell Davis
Randy Johnson, Tom Swift and the Visitor from Planet X, Victor Appleton
George Kelley, Dangerous Liaisons, Choderlos de Laclos
Rob Kitchin. We are Alone, David Howorth, The Mask of Dimitrios, Eric Ambler
K.A. Laity, Kleinzeit, Russell Hoban (and other works)
B.V. Lawson, The Dancing Man, P.M. Jubbard
Evan Lewis, Brass Knuckles, Frank Gruber
Steve Lewis, Someone Walker Over My Grave, J.B. O'Sullivan
Todd Mason, Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Stories Not for the Nervous, Robert Arthur editor; Trophies and Dead Things, Marcia Muller
Nik Morton, The Phoenix Tree, Jon Cleary
Richard Pangborn, Money, Money, Money, Ed McBain
David Rachels, The Long Rider, James McKimmey
James Reasoner, Passage to Samoa, Day Keene
Gerard Saylor, Blood Safari, Deon Meyer
Ron Scheer, Troublemakers, John McNally
Kerrie Smith, The Kimberley Killing, Peter Corris

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