Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 10, 2010

December 10, 2010

Patricia Abbott, November, Georges Simenon
Paul Bishop, Atlanta Deathwatch, Ralph Dennis
Paul Brazill, The Man with the Iron Badge, Lee Goldberg
Bill Crider, As Tough as They Come, Will Oursler, editor
Scott Cupp, Body Politic, Paul Johnston
Martin Edwards, Big Business Murder, G.D. H. and M. Cole
Ed Gorman, Darker Than You Think, Jack Williamson
Gar Anthony Harwood, Fault Lines, Teri White
Jerry House, A Grave Matter, Lionell Purnell Davis
Randy Johnson, Tom Swift and the Visitor from Planet X, Victor Appleton
George Kelley, Dangerous Liaisons, Choderlos de Laclos
Rob Kitchin. We are Alone, David Howorth, The Mask of Dimitrios, Eric Ambler
K.A. Laity, Kleinzeit, Russell Hoban (and other works)
B.V. Lawson, The Dancing Man, P.M. Jubbard
Evan Lewis, Brass Knuckles, Frank Gruber
Steve Lewis, Someone Walker Over My Grave, J.B. O'Sullivan
Todd Mason, Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Stories Not for the Nervous, Robert Arthur editor; Trophies and Dead Things, Marcia Muller
Nik Morton, The Phoenix Tree, Jon Cleary
Richard Pangborn, Money, Money, Money, Ed McBain
David Rachels, The Long Rider, James McKimmey
James Reasoner, Passage to Samoa, Day Keene
Gerard Saylor, Blood Safari, Deon Meyer
Ron Scheer, Troublemakers, John McNally
Kerrie Smith, The Kimberley Killing, Peter Corris

December 17, 2010

Paul Bishop, Red Diamond, Private Eye, Mark Schorr
Bill Crider, Glitterburn, Heywood Gould
Scott Cupp, Feester in the Lake, Bob Leman
Pat Downey, Varney, the Vampire, James Malcolm Ryner
Martin Edwards, The Crime at Diana's Pool, Canon Victor Alonzo Whitechurch
Cullen Gallagher, Before She Kills, Fredric Brown
Ed Gorman, A Touch of Death, Charles Williams
Jerry House, Don't Speak of the Rope, Harlan Ellison and Avram Davidson
Randy Johnson, Jack Strait, Bogeyman, Frank Rich
George Kelley, Tarnsman of Gor, John Norman
B.V. Lawson, Red Christmases, Patrick Ruell
Evan Lewis, Decay, Cleve F. Adams
Steve Lewis/Marv Lachman, JOHN DICKSON CARR
Brian Lindenmuth, The Jones Men, Verne E. Smith
Todd Mason, The Shape of Things, Damon Knight
Kent Morgan, In a True Light, John Harvey
David Rachels, The Score, Richard Stark (Donald Westlake)
James Reasoner, Shotgun Gola, W.C. Tuttle
Kristine Kathryn Rusch, An Unsuitable Job for a Woman, P.D. James
Ron Scheer, The Rhodes Reader, Eugene Manlove Rhodes
Kerrie Smith, Sleight of Body, Ralph McInerny

December 24, 2010

Paul Bishop: And All Through the House by Ed McBain
Bill Crider: The Drowning Pool by Ross Macdonald
Scott Cupp: The Ship of Ishtar by A. Merritt
Martin Edwards: A Private Inquiry by Jessica Mann
Cullen Gallagher: Stop This Man! by Peter Rabe
Ed Gorman: Danger is My Business by Lee Server
Jerry House: The Reformed Gun by Marvin H. Albert
Randy Johnson: Passage to Samoa by Day Keene
George Kelley: Downtown by Ed McBain
K. A. Laity: Puckoon by Spike Milligan
Todd Mason: Dolls are Murder edited by Harold Q. Masur
David Rachels: The Damsel by Richard Stark
James Reasoner: A Corpse for Christmas by Carter Brown and A Holiday for Murder by Agatha Christie
(Scott also chimes in with various editions of the "Carter Brown")

Sunday, December 5, 2010

October 15-December 3, 2010

The Summing Up, Friday, December 3, 2010

Paul Bishop, Meet Morocco Jones, Jack Baynes (Bertram B. Fowler)
Bill Crider, Double Bang, Heywood Gould
Scott Cupp, Thunder Jim Wade, Henry Kuttner
Martin Edwards, The Boat House Riddle, J.J. Connington
Ed Gorman, The Innocent Mrs. Duff, Elizabeth Sanxay Holding
Jerry House, Three to Conquer, Eric Frank Russell
Randy Johnson, Outlaw, Frank Gruber
George Kelley, Terror in the House, Henry Kuttner
B.V. Lawson, Tangle Meg Elizabeth Atkins
Evan Lewis, Family Honor, Robert B. Parker
Steve Lewis/William F. Deeck, They Hunted a Fox, Alice Campbell
Michael Lipkin, Street of the Lost, David Goodis
R. Narvaez, Am Thinking of My Darling, Vincent McHugh
Todd Mason, The Best of Margaret St. Clair, edited by Martin H. Greenberg, Thirteen O'Clock, C.M. Kornbluth, The Green Flash, Joan Aiken
Richard Prosch, A Time for Hanging, Bill Crider
David Rachels, Five Million in Cash, Tiffany Thayer
James Reasoner, Rescued in the Clouds or Ted Scott, Hero of the Air, Franklin Dixon )Frank Duffield
Ron Scheer, Solo Faces, James Salter
Kerrie Smith, The Man Who Played Spoons, Gary Disher
Kevin Tipple, Techno Noir, ed. Eva Batonne and Jeffrey Marks

THE SUMMING UP, Friday, November 26, 2010
Paul Bishop, Breaks, Kevin Miles
Bill Crider, Control, William Goldman
Scott Cupp, The Night Life of the Gods, Thorne Smith
Mike Dennis, The Brat, Gil Brewer
Martin Edwards, Before the Fact, Francis Iles
Richard Godwin, Hunger, Knut Hamsen
Jerry House, Tarzan of the Movies, Gabe Essoe
Randy Johnson, The Yellow Overcoat, Frank Gruber
George Kelley, Letters, Saul Bellow
K.A. Laity, Lord Malquist and Mr. Moon, Tom Stoppard
Evan Lewis, Schlomo Raven, Bryon Preiss, Tom Sutton
Steve Lewis/Geoff Bradley, A Press of Suspects, Andrew Garve
Heath Lowrance, The Name of the Game is Death, Dan Marlowe
Todd Mason, The Hugo Winners, Vol. 1 & 2, edited by Issac Asimov
Juri Nummelin, Death Train, Gordon David (Leonard Levinson)
James Reasoner, Lawnmover Bliss, Rex Anderson
Ron Scheer, White Crosses, Larry Watson
Kerrie Smith, A Perfect Match, Jill McGown
James Thompson, Dr. Frigo, Eric Ambler
Kevin Tipple, Hardboiled, edited by Michael Bracken

THE SUMMING UP, Friday, November 19, 2010

Joe Barone, Affirmative Reaction, Aileen Schumacher
Paul Bishop, The Jade Figurine, Bill Pronzini
Michael Carlosn, Mandeville Talent, George Higgins
Bill Crider, Supernatural Sleuths, Martin Greenberg and Charles G Waugh, editors
Quinn Cummings, Portable Dorothy Parker
Scott Cupp, Of Men and Monsters, William Tenn
Martin Edwards, Laidlaw, William McIlvanney
Jose Ignacio Escribano, Murder at the Savoy, Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo
Ed Gorman, Scandal on the Sand, John Trinian
Jake Hinkson, The Condemned, Jo Pagano
Randy Johnson, Dealing of The Berkeley-to-Boston Forty-Bick Lost Bag Blues, Michael Douglas Lois Karlin, Forgotten Books Online
George Kelley, The Last Hieroglyph, Clark Ashton Smith
Rob Kitchin, I, the Jury, Mickey Spillane
B.V. Lawson, Ghost of a Chance, Kelly Roos
Evan Lewis, Let Them Eat Bullets, Howard Shoenfeld
Steve Lewis/Bill Pronzini, Marcia Muller, Mr. Fortune Objects, H.C. Bailey
Steve Lewis/Jeff Meyerson, Circle of Fear, Mark Sadler
Todd Mason, Reverse Angle, John Simon, The Other Glass Teat, Harlan Ellison
Andrew Nette, The Wandering Ghost, Marin Limon
Juri Nummelin, The Night Watch and Fingersmith, Sarah Waters
Eric Peterson, The Green Eagle Score, Richard Stark
James Reasoner, The Iron Trail, Jackson Cole (Peter Germand)
Ron Scheer, Bat Wing Bowles, Dane Coolidge
Kerrie Smith, Planning for Murder, Anne Morice
Kevin Tipple, Fedora 11, Michael Bracken
Yvette, The Wooden Leg of Inspector Anders, Marshall Browne

THE SUMMING UP, Friday, November 5, 12, 2010

Ian Ayris, Maggie, A Girl of the Streets, Stephen Crane
Joe Barone, Double Deuce, Robert Parker
Paul Bishop, The Burning Season, Wayne D. Dundee
Paul Brazill, Andy Warhol's Dracula, Kim Newman
Bill Crider, Death by the Day, Lawrence Fisher
Scott Cupp, Expiration Date, Duane Swierczynski
Martin Edwards, The Second Shot, Anthony Berkley
Jose Ignacio Escribano, The Poisoned Chocolate Case, Anthony Berkley
George Kelley, The Naked Sun, Issac Asimov
Ed Gorman, Secret Window, Secret Garden, Stephen King
Randy Johnson, The Lone Wolf, Louis Joseph Vance
B.V. Lawson, Ghost of a Chance, Kelley Roos
Steve Lewis/Jeff Meyerson, A Three-Pipe Problem, Julian Symons
K.A. Laity, Renegade, Mark E. Smith
Evan Lewis, Spurs West, edited by Joseph T. Shaw
Todd Mason, Forgotten Magazines: Weird Tales, ed. Dorothy McIlwraith, Fantastic Adventures, Howard Browne
Eric Peterson, Impossibly Funky: A Cahiers du Cinemart Collection, Mike White
James Reasoner, Gangland's Doom, Frank Eisgruber
Gerard Saylor, Eleven Days (1998), Known Dead (1999), Big Thaw (2000), Code 61 (2002)
A Long December (2003) Don Harstad
Jeff Segal, The Fiend in You, edited by Charles Beaumont
Kerrie Smith, Bergerac: Crimes of the Season, Andrew Savill
Kevin Tipple, Tequila Sunrise, Michael Bracken

From November 5, 2010

Paul Bishop: Whiteout and Black Camelot by Duncan Kyle
Bill Crider: The Godwulf Manuscript by Robert B. Parker
Scott Cupp: Pixie Dust by Henry Melton
Martin Edwards: Heir Presumptive by Henry Wade
Ed Gorman: The Crime Lover's Casebook (aka The New Mystery) edited by Jerome Charyn
Glenn Harper: The Coast Road by John Brady
George Kelley: The Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 1 (the new edition)
Steve Lewis's The Mystery File, as usual, has a plethora of arguably FFB reviews.
Todd Mason: Death Qualified by Kate Wilhelm; In Deep by Damon Knight
Ann Parker: Rose by Martin Cruz Smith
Eric Peterson: Men, Women and Chainsaws by Carol Glover
James Reasoner: Tarzan and the Lion Man by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Kerrie Smith: Deadly Variations by Paul Myers

The Summing Up, Friday, October 29, 2010

Joe Barone, Rounding the Mark, Andrea Camilleri
Paul Bishop, The Heavenly World Series, Frank O'Rourke
PaulBrazill, Killer Year, edited by Lee Child
Bill Crider, The Hardboiled Lineup, edtied Harry Widmer
Scott Cupp, Born to Exile, Phyllis Eisenstein
Loren Eaton, Swords and Deviltry, Fritz Leiber
Martin Edwards, Six Dead Men, Andre Steeman
Ed Gorman, A Purple Place for Dying, John D. MacDonald
Glenn Harper, The Ambassasdor's Wife, Jake Needham
Randy Johnson, His Name Was Death, Fredric Brown
George Kelley, The Borderland Series, edited Thomas F Monteliore
Rob Kitchin, Halo in Blood, John Evans (Howard Browne)
B.V. Lawson, The Ethnic Detective, edited by Martin Greenberg and Bill Pronzini
Evan Lewis, The Coming of the Fairies, Arthur Conan Doyle
Steve Lewis. Curt J. Evans, The Warrielaw Jewel, Winnifred Peck
Ed Lynskey, Wives at War, Jessica Stirling (Hugh C. Rae)
Todd Mason The New Mystery (Charyn), The New Gothic (Morrow & McGrath), The New Weird (VanderMeers at al), Conjunctions 14, Morrow
Eric Peterson, The Nocturnals, Dan Breterton
James Reasoner, Hangin' Pards, Gordon D. Shirreffs
Kerrie Smith, Death Beyond the Nile, Jessica Mann
Sarah J. Wesson, The Case of the Lucky Legs, Erle Stanley Gardner
Kevin Tipple, Vengeance, Brian Pinkerton
Glenn Harper, The Ambassasor's Wife, Jake Needham

The Summing Up, Friday, October 22, 2010

Joe Barone, Pastime, Robert B. Parker
Paul Bishop, The Man From T.O.M.C.A.T, Mallory Knight
Paul Brazill, Cocaine Nights, J.G. Ballard
Bill Crider, The Open Shadow, Brad Solomon
Scott Cupp, Norman Saunders, David Saunders
Mike Dennis, Slayground, Richard Stark (Donald E. Westlake)
Martin Edwards, Trent Intervenes, E.C. Bentley
Elizabeth Foxwell, The Chocolate Cobweb, Charlotte Armstrong
Ed Gorman, His Name Was Death, Fredric Brown
Glenn Harper, The Last Llanelli Train, Robert Lewis
Randy Johnson, Come Seven, Come Death, ed. Henry Morrison
George Kelley, Amos Walker, The Complete Story Collection, Loren De. Estleman
B.V. Lawson, Speaking of Murder, edited by Gorman and Greenberg
Evan Lewis, The Virgin Kills, Raoul Whitfield
Steve Lewis/Allen J. Hubin, Target of Opportunity, Max Byrd
Tom Llewellyn, Mr. Mysterious and Company, Sid Fleischman
Todd Mason, Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Writers and Artists Who Made the National Lampoon Insanely Great, edited by Rick Meyerowitz
Eric Peterson, The Rainbow Cadensa, J. Neil Schulman James Reasoner, The Clue of the Forgotten Murder, Erle Stanley Gardner
Gerald So, The Graduate, Charles Webb
Kerrie Smith, Crime for the Connossieur, Gerald Sparrow
Kevin Tipple/Barry Ergang, Small Game, John Blades

The Summing Up, Friday, October 15, 2010

Patricia Abbott, True Grit, Charles Portis
Joe Barone, Stardust, Robert B. Parker
Paul Bishop, Sexpionage and other Sixties Serials
Paul Brazill, Rogue Males, Geoffrey Household
David Cranmer, Unaccutomed As I Am to Public Dying, Larry Maddock
Bill Crider, The Eureka Years, Annette Peltz McCormas, editor
Scott Cupp, Sea King of Mars, Leigh Brackett
Martin Edwards, The Layton Court Mystery, Anthony Berkley
Dan Fleming, A Gypsy Good Time, Gustave Hasford
Ed Gorman, The Crimes of Jordan Wise, Bill Pronzini
Glenn Harper, Black August, Timothy Williams
Randy Johnson, Climb a Broken Ladder and B Girl, Robert Novak
George Kelley, Tragg's Choice, Clifton Adams
B.V. Lawson, Exeunt Murders, Anthony Boucher
Evan Lewis, The Case of the Six Coffins, by The Mysterious Wu Fang
Steve Lewis/William F. Deeck, A Corpse for Christmas, Henry Kane
Todd Mason, Adventures in Time & Space, Healy & McComas; Great Tales of the Supernatural
Herbert Wise and Phyllis Fraser
James Reasoner, Escape Across the Cosmos, Gardner Fox
Kerrie Smith, Shoestring, Paul Ableman
Kevin Tipple, Bullets, Steve Brewer

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Late August-Early October

THE SUMMING UP, Friday, October 8, 2010

THE SUMMING UP, Friday, October 8, 2010

Paul Bishop, Darker Than You Think, Jack Williamson
Paul Brazill, In La La Land We Trust, Robert Campbell
Bill Crider, The Last Buffoon, Leonard Jordan
Scott Cupp, The Beasts of Valhalla, George C. Chesbro
Mike Dennis, The Friends of Eddie Coyle, Geroge C. Higgins
Martin Edwards, The Complete Curious Mr. Tarrent, C. Daly King
Jose Ignacio Escribano, Brighton Rock, Graham Greene
Ed Gorman, Dig My Grave Deep, Peter Rabe
Glenn Harper, Headbanger, Hugh Hamilton
Glenn Harper 2. Personl Non Grata, Timothy Williams
Randy Johnson, Dupe, Liza Cody
George Kelley, Case and the Dreamer, Theodore Sturgeon
Rob Kitchin, South of No North, Charles Bukowski
B.V. Lawson, The Yellow Turban, Charlotte Jay (Geraldine Halls)
Evan Lewis, A Comprehensive Index to Black Mask, 1920-51, E. R. Hageman
Steve Lewis, Turnaround Jack, Richard Abshire
P.M. Angel, Gil Brewer
Todd Mason, Learning to Drive, Katha Pollitt, Seducing the Demon, Erica Jong
Jeff Meyerson, Sam 7, Richard Cox
Andrew Nette, The Song is You, Megan Abbott
Eric Peterson, Warday, Whitley Strieber and James Kunetka
James Reasoner, Tickets for Death, Brett Halliday (Davis Dresser)
Richard Robinson, Jeopardy is My Job, Stephen Marlowe
Kerrie Smith, Wedding Treasure, David Williams
Kevin Tipple, Closing Time, Jim Fusili

October 1, 2010

Bill Crider: The Gone Man by Brad Solomon
Scott Cupp: Dread Island by Joe R. Lansdale
Ed Gorman: The Dead Beat by Robert Bloch
George Kelley: Four Color Fear edited by Gregg Sadowski
Todd Mason: The Final Solution by Michael Chabon
Richard Robinson: 12 Worlds of Alan E. Nourse by Alan E. Nourse

The Summing Up, Friday, Sept. 24, 2010

THE SUMMING UP. Friday, Sept. 24, 2010

Nigel Bird, Murder on the Yellow Brick Road, Stuart Kaminsky
Paul Bishop, The Black Swan Series, J.J. Montague
PaulBrazill, The Distant Echo, Val McDermid
Bill Crider, Night Never Ends, Frederick Lorenz
Scott Cupp, The Reproductive System. John T. Sladek
Ed Gorman, Peeper, Loren Estleman
Glenn Harper, The Red Citroen and Comparing Parallels, Timothy Williams
Randy Johnson, Secret Service, Smith RTM Scott
Alex Jurek, The Secret Adversary, Agatha Christie
George Kelley, They Walked Like Men, Clifford Slimak
Rob Kitchin, The Green Ripper, John D. MacDonald
B.V. Lawson, Through a Glass Darkly Helen McCloy (Clarkson)
Evan Lewis, The Double Take, Roy Huggins
Steve Lewis/Allen H. Hubin, At Death's Door, Robert Barnard
Todd Mason, Firsts: New Black Mask, Alfred Hitchcock's Anthology, New World Writing, Triquarterly, Works in Progress, Evergreen
Jeff Meyerson, Out of the Blackout, Robert Barnard
Terrie F. Moran, The Recycled Citizen, Charlotte Macleod
Juri Nummelin, Hell Harbor, Gordan Davis
Eric Peterson, Toy Soldier, William Kennedy
J. Kingston Pierce, Breakheart Pass, Alistair MacLean
James Reasoner, One for Hell Jada M. David
Richard Robinson, Assignment Budapest, Edward S. Aarons
Kerrie Smith, The Crime of My Life, Brian Garfield
Kevin Tipple, Final Cuts. J.R. Lindermuth

Friday, September 17, 2010

THE SUMMING UP, Friday, September 17 2010

Paul Bishop, Kiai, Anthony and Fuentes
Paul Brazill, On Tenderness Express, Maxim Jakubowski
Bill Crider, The best from Fantasy and Science Fiction, Sixth Series, Anthony Boucher
Scott Cupp, Young Adult Novel, Daniel Pinkwater
Martin Edwards, The Fifth Point of the Compass, Miles Tripp
Jose Ignacio Escribano, If on a Winter's Night a Traveler, Italo Calvino
Ed Gorman, On the Loose, Andrew Coburn
Glenn Harper, Goat Song, Chantal Pelletier
Randy Johnson, Hopalong Cassidy Returns, Clarence E. Mulford
George Kelley, The Soace Born, E.C. Tubb
B.V. Lawson, The Saint in Europe, Leslie Charteris
Evan Lewis, The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes, John D. Carr and Adrian Conan Doyle
Steve Lewis & Curt J. Evans, The Umbrella Murder, Carolyn Wells
Steve Lewis & William F. Deeck, Death Catches Up with Mr. KLuck, Xantippe
Todd Mason, How-to Suppress Women's Writing, To Write Like a Woman, The Country You Have Never Seen, Joanna Russ
Russel McLean, Stone City, Mitchell Smith
Sam Millar, Up at the Villa, W. Somerset Maugham
Richard Prosch, Massacre River, John Benteen
James Reasoner, Pushover, Harry Whittington
Chris Rhatigan, The Crimes of Richmond City, Frederick Nebel
Kerrie Smith, Sinner's Never Die, A. E. Martin
Kevin Tipple, Money Shot, Christa Faust

THE SUMMING UP, FRIDAYS, Sept. 3 & 10, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Paul Bishop, The Patch, Cherokee Paul McDonald
Paul Brazil, The Cutting Crew, Steve Mosby
Bill Crider, The Man I Killed, Shel Walker
Scott Cupp, Baby's First Mythos, C.J. and Erica Henderson
Martin Edwards, Heart to Heart, Pierre Boileau & Thomas Narcejac
Glenn Harper, Poachers's Trail, John Brady
Randy Johnson, The Dice of God, Hoffman Birney
George Kelley, Detour to Otherness, Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore
B. V. Lawson, Death of an Old Girl, Elizabeth Lemarchand
Evan Kewis, To Your Scattered Bodies Go, Philip Jose Farmer
Todd Mason: Firsts" Magazines and Periodical Books, F & SF, Fantastic, Whispers, Shadows, TZ, Ariel Weird Tales, Other Worlds and before
James Reasoner, Fundamentals of Fiction Writing - Arthur Sullivant Hoffman
Richard Robinson, Nineteen Stories, Graham Greene
Kerrie Smith, Blow Your House Down, Pat Barker
Kevin Tipple, The Concrete Maze, Steven Torres

THE SUMMING UP, Friday, September 9, 2010
Paul Bishop, The Sweet Summer, William Kelley
Paul Brazill, Them, Jon Ronson
Bill Crider, No Questions Asked, Oliver Bleeck
Scott Cupp, The Atomic Knights, John Broome, and Murphy Anderson
Mike Dennis, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, Horace McCoy
Martin Edwards, Mizmaze, Mary Fitt
Ed Gorman, Pity Him Afterward, Donald Westlake
Glenn Harper, Cobbleston, Peter Lengyel
Randy Johnson, A Martian Odyssey, Stanley G. Weinbaum
George Kelley, Stranger in Town, Brett Halliday
Rob Kitchin, The Thin Man, Dashiell Hammett
B.V. Lawson, Death on Remand, Michael Underwood
Evan Lewis, Operator 5, Frederick C. Davis
Steve Lewis, The Roped Square, John G. Rowe
Todd Mason, Fantasy, The Shapes of Things Unknown, Edited by, Farrell, Gage, Pfordresher, Rodrigues
Jeff Meyerson, Future Shock, Alvin Toffler
Eric Peterson, The Tall Dark Alibi, Carol Jerina
James Reasoner, The Sudden Guns, Giff Cheshire
Richard Robinson, Interrupted Aria, Beverle Graves Myers
Kerrie Smith, Mandarin, Robert Elegant
Kevin Tipple, Pilikia is My Business, Mark Troy
Mike Wilkerson, In Cold Blood, Truman Capote

Friday, August 27, 2010

THE SUMMING UP, Friday, August 27, 2010

The Summing Up, Friday, August 27, 2010

Joe Barone, Crimson Joy, Robert B. Parker
Paul Bishop, Undercover Run, Lew Dykes
Milton Burton, Earth Abides, George R. Stewart
Bill Crider, Death of a Source, Richard Moore
Scott Cupp, Jackets Required, Steven Hiller and Seymour Chwast
Martin Edwards, The Scarf, Francis Durbridge
R,J. Ellory, The Prone Gunman, Jean Patrick Manchette
Ed Gorman, Missionary Stew, Ross Thomas
Glenn Harper, Rain, Karen Duir, Willenbrock, Christopher Hein
Randy Johnson, Dance Back the Buffalo, Milton Lott
George Kelley, Nine Hundred Grandmothers, R. A. Rafferty
Rob Kitchin, The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza, Lawrence Block
B.V. Lawson, Death of a Busybody, Dell Shannon (Elizabeth Linington)
Evan Lewis, Brand of the Cougar, Norwell Page
Steve Lewis/David L. Vineyard, The Only Girl in the Game, John D. MacDonald
Todd Mason, Life of the Party, Mary Fleener
James Reasoner, The Power of Positive Loving, William Johnston
Richard Robinson, Maigret and the Death of a Harbor Master, Georges Simenon
Kerrie Smith, Backhand, Liza Cody

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mid July-Mid August, 2010

THE SUMMING UP, AUGUST 20, 2010 (Books from our college years)

Patti Abbott, East of Eden, John Steinbeck
Paul Bishop, TV TIE-IN, Verzion, Witchblade
Paul Brazill, Run for Home, Sheila Quigley
Bill Crider, Casino Royale, Ian Fleming
Scott Cupp, Nova, Samuel R. Delaney
Martin Edwards, The Talkative Policeman, Rupert Penny
Glenn Harper, Passing Time, Michel Butler
Ed Gorman, On the Road, Jack Kerouac
Jerry House, The Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series
Randy Johnson, Unaccustomed As I Am to Public Dying, Larry Maddock
George Kelley, The Sot-Weed Factor and Giles Goat Boy, John Barth
Evan Lewis, Roget's Thesaurus
Todd Mason, Dream Makers II: Interviews by Charles Platt; Essential Works of Anarchism, edited by Marshall Shatz
Jeff Meyerson, The Harrad Experiment, Robert H. Rimmer
Terrie F. Moran, Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam, Bernard Edelman
Eric Peterson, Transmetropolitan Volume I: Back on the Street, Warren Ellis
J. Kingston Pierce, Breakheart Pass, Alistair MacLean
James Reasoner, The Book of Robert E. Howard, edited by Glenn Lord
Kerrie Smith, The Works of Agatha Christie
Kevin Tipple, The One-Minute Assassin: A Novel, Trey Cook


Paul Bishop, Crown, Terry Harknett
Bill Crider, The Third Man, Graham Greene
Scott Cupp, The Rakeshells of Heaven, John Boyd
Jose Ignacio Escribano, "Man on Pink Corner," Jorge Luis Borges
Martin Edwards, Which I Never, L.A.G. Strong
Jen Forbus, The James Deans, Reed Farrell Coleman
Ed Gorman, Saturday Games, Brown Meggs
Glenn Harper, Per Wahloo Retrospective
George Kelley, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, James Warner Bellah
Rob Kitchin, Point Blank (The Hunter), Richard Stark
B.V. Lawson, Dover One, Joyce Porter
Evan Lewis, Action Stories, Dent, Nebel & others
Todd Mason, Sixgun in Cheek, Bill Pronzini and Fairport Convention's "Heyday"
James Reasoner, The Tavern, Orrie Hitt
Richard Robinson, The Case of the Caretaker's Cat, Erle Stanley Gardner
Kerrie Smith, The Stone Hawk, Gwen Moffet
Kevin Tipple, The One-Minute Assassin, Troy Cook

The Summing Up, Friday, August 6, 2010

Joe Barone, The Immaculate Deception, Iain Pears
Paul Bishop, Yellowthread Street, William Marshall
David Cranmer, past review links
Bill Crider, One for Hell, Jada Davis
Scott Cupp, Vermillions Sands, J.G. Ballard
Martin Edwards, Green Grow the Tresses-O, Stanley Hyland
Jose Ignacio Escribano, 120 Rue de la Gare, Leo Malet
Ed Gorman, Death of a Citizen, Donald Hamilton
Glenn Harper, Cat Catcher, Caroline Shaw
Randy Johnson, The Eyes of Buddha, John Ball
Liam Jose, Crooked Little Vein, Warren Ellis
George Kelley, The Best of Kim Stanley Robinson
Rob Kitchin, Client, Parnell Hall
B.V. Lawson, Rising of the Moon, Gladys Mitchell
Evan Lewis, A Study in Terror, Ellery Queen
Steve Lewis/Dan Stumpf, They Don't Dance Much, James Ross
Todd Mason, Hotwire#2, edited by Glenn Head
Terrie Moran, Legacy, James A. Michener
Jeff Meyerson, Something from the Nightside, Simon R. Green
James Reasoner, Ringmaster of Doom, Brant House (Paul Chadwick)
Kerrie Smith, Supernatural Sleuths, edited by Peter Haining
Kevin Tipple, Homicide, My Own, Anne Argula

The Summing Up, July 30, 2010

Joe Barone, A Catskill Eagle, Robert Parker
Paul Bishop, The Neon Flamingo, W. R. Philbrick
Bill Crider, Even the Wicked, Richard Marsten
Scott Cupp, Lisa Kane, Richard Lupoff
Alec Cizak, Pop. 1280, Jim Thompson
Loren Eaton, Nightmare Alley, William Lindsay Gresham
Martin Edwards, The Man Whose Dreams Came True, Julian Symons
Cullen Gallagher, Prairie Raiders, Harry Whittington
Ed Gorman, Someone is Bleeding, Richard Matheson
Glenn Harper, Riotous Comedy, Tom Sharpe; Indecent Exposure, Tom Sharpe
Randy Johnson, The Best Western Stories of Ed Gorman, Ed Gorman and Marin Greenberg
George Kelley, Pedigree, Georges Simenon
B.V. Lawson, The Spoilt Kill, Mary Kelly
Evan Lewis, Gene Autry and the Ghost Riders, Lewis B. Patten
Steve Lewis/David Vineyard, It Couldn't Matter Less, Peter Cheney
Todd Mason, Anno Dracula, Kim Newman, The Cipher, Kathe Koja, Prime Evil, edited by Douglas Winter
Eric Peterson, Dutch Uncle, Peter Pavia
Steven Powell, The Other Girl, Theodora Keogh
James Reasoner, Combat General, William Chamberlain
Richard Robinson, The Philosophical Corps E. B. Cole
Kerrie Smith, The Director, John Gardiner
Kevin Tipple, Memory of a Murder, Earl Skaggs


Cameron Ashley, Guns, Ed McBain
Joe Barone, Valediction, Robert Parker
Paul Bishop, Thirty-Nine Steps, John Buchan
Bill Crider, The Greatest Crime, Sloan Wilson
Scott Cupp, A Mirror for Observers, Edgar Pangborn
Martin Edwards, The Small Hours of the Morning, Margaret Yorke
Christopher Fowler, Here, Away from it All, Maryann Forrest
Cullen Gallagher, The Song Saturday Night, Charles Williams
Ed Gorman, Plunder Squad, Richard Stark
Glenn Harper, Money to Burn, Ricardo Piglia
Randy Johnson, Capture the Saint, Burl Barer
George Kelley, The Dark Country, Dennis Etchinson
K.A. Laity, You Can't Do Both, Kingsley Amis
B.V. Lawson, The Habit of Fear, Dorothy Salisbury Davis
Frank Loose, The Blue Room, Georges Simenon
Evan Lewis, Seven Slayers, Paul Cain
Steve Lewis/Max Collins, The Hoods, Harry Grey
Brian Lindenmuth: List of Forgotten Books for Future Review
Todd Mason, Superhorror, edited Ramsey Campbell; The Moon's Wife, A. A. Attanasio
Terrie Moran, Mongoose, R.I.P, William Buckley
James Reasoner, Malai Woman, A.S. Fleischman
Richard Robinson, Iron Lake, William Kent Krueger
Pete Rozovsky, Song Dog, James McClure
Kerrie Smith, Case for Three Detectives, Leo Bruce
Kevin Tipple, Jasmine's Fate, Randy Rawls

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

THE SUMMING UP, Friday, July 16, 2010

THE SUMMING UP, Friday, July 16, 2010

Paul Bishop, The Outcasts, Steve Frazee
Bill Crider, The Hundred Dollar Girl, William Campbell Gault
Scott Cupp, The Lovecraft Papers, P.H.Cannon
Mike Dennis, Jimmy Bench-Press, Charlie Stella
Martin Edwards, Dead Man's Bag, Catherine Arley
Cullen Gallagher, Buchanan on the Prowl, Jonas Ward
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